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Registration as a user on this website provides many benefits and features not available to anonymous users, including:

  • Complete property addresses are displayed only for registered and logged in users.
  • An advanced home search. Our advanced search form, available only to registered users, includes many more search parameters than are available to anonymous users. This includes many criteria that are not available on other real estate websites, including ability to search specifically for patio homes, single story ranch style homes, homes and condos in age restricted communities, horse properties, homes in golf course communities, homes in gated communities, and many more. Coming soon: A special search form for registered users for SOLD properties.
  • Access to individual and extensive property details. Anonymous users will be able to access only one or two property details pages without registration, so they can see the benefits and details that will be available to registered users. Registered and logged in users get access to details for all active listed properties, without limits.
  • We are not aware of any local or national real estate website that provides as many property details as we do. Property details available to registered users include the complete property address, a map of the property location, and virtually every detail for that property as entered by the listing office and made available by the local MLS for internet sites like ours.
  • Ability so save listings to your personal “Favorites” list. This is a great way to remember those listings you like and may want to see later. It is also a great way to share those listings with your assigned Denver Home Value Team agent.
  • Ability to set up and save your own specific search criteria and get daily emails of all new listings matching your criteria. In today’s tight inventory market, where listings for the best properties may be under contract within days or even hours of being listed, this can be critical to finding the right home for you, and being among the first to have an opportunity to see it! Multiple searches can be set up, each with their own criteria.
  • Direct access to a highly experienced Denver Home Value Team agent. Our knowledgeable and highly experienced agents can answer any questions you may have, assist you through all phases of the home search and buying process, and can set up showings for any active home listings you find on our site. We can show you any active listing in our local MLS. We will always represent your best interests as a potential home buyer, and not the interests of the seller, who is represented by the listing agent and their office.

User Registration Help

If you have reached the user registration page unintentionally:

You are not logged in, and have requested a feature that is available only to our registered Advanced Search users. This could be: request for advanced search criteria, to view property detail pages, to save a VIP search, to save a favorite listing, to view a virtual tour, or to map a specific property.

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