Common User Login Problems and Solutions

For most registered user login problems, you may get an error message like the following:

You could not be logged in!
The email address and password you supplied do not match an account in our system.
Please try again!

There are several possibilities for this message being displayed:

1) You may have entered the wrong email address, either when you registered or when you tried to sign on again.

Re-enter your email address. If it was a simple typing error, the problem is solved.

If you still have a problem, it is likely that you entered a different email address from the one you provided when you first registered.

Since you don’t know what it may have been, the easiest solution is to re-register. If you have saved favorites and/or a VIP search setup that you need to have contact me with your name and correct email address and I can correct the one in the system.

2) You may have provided an invalid email address with your original registration, and it was “bounced” by your service provider’s email server, or your email address may have changed since your original registration, and it no longer works.

In accordance with our posted policies, when we find that your original registration includes an invalid email address, or if emails to your email address start to “bounce”, your registration may be temporarily disabled until we get a corrected email address. Also, and obviously, if you provided an obsolete or invalid email address with your original registration, you will never be able to get any new listings email alerts from your saved VIP search.

In this case, do NOT re-register. Instead, please send us an email from your email client with a request that we reset your email address to the one you used to send the re-activation request. This will allow us to change the email address in your profile, which will preserve your profile information, including any listings and/or searches that you may have saved under that profile. From your current email system and client, please address your re-activation request to:


Once your email address has been corrected in our system, we will reply to that email address confirming the correction and re-activation.

3) In your original registration request, you may have provided no phone number, or an invalid phone number, or a business phone number that we cannot contact you through.

In this case, To re-activate your registration, please call Ron Goodman or your assigned Denver Home Value Team agent at any of the numbers listed in the “Contact Us” page, to provide a valid contact phone number. If you get a voice mail, please leave a message with your name, email address and correct contact phone number. We will call you back at the number you to provide to verify it, and once verified, your registration will be re-activated.

4) You may have indicated that you are already working with another Denver area real estate agent who is not on the Denver Home Value team.

In this case, and also in accordance with our posted policies, we may have temporarily disabled your advanced home search registration. Your agent or their office should have their own web site to support your real estate needs, and you should use their web site, and that agent, exclusively for your home search as long as you are working with them. After all, they are the ones who would be getting paid for providing you with the real estate services you need! If you are not working with another agent, but inadvertently answered “Yes” to this question, and would like to be re-instated, or if you have any questions about the reasons for this policy, please call Ron for a brief discussion.

If you are relocating to the Denver area, and you have been directed to use a specific brokerage or agent by your HR department or relocation company, but have not yet signed a Colorado Exclusive Right to Buy contract with them, you may still have the right to select your own agent. This can actually save you money on your new home purchase instead of enriching the relocation company. If you would like to explore that option, please call us for additional discussion. We can work with your employer and relocation company in every way possible to make your relocation smooth and successful!

For any of the situations above where we have temporarily disabled your Advanced Home Search registration due to our posted policies, you are still welcome to use the basic home search on this site, which does not require user registration or login.