Mini-CMA Home Valuation Method by a Licensed Real Estate Agent

This basic market evaluation uses property information available from various online sources, plus the personal experience and professional opinions of a licensed real estate agent who is a neighborhood expert. This is generally a relatively wide range valuation, due to the inherent limitations of the information available from online sources. Because MLS sales history data is generally accessible only by licensed real estate agents, this evaluation can only be done by a licensed real estate professional who is also a member of the applicable MLS.

The real estate agent will start with information about the property obtained from county tax assessor records and from the owner to assist in selecting the most appropriate comparable properties. They will then use the local multiple listing service (MLS) to select three to six generally comparable and recently sold properties, as much as possible staying within the same neighborhood. They will make some subjective value adjustments based on the known differences between the subject property and the comparables, such as: main living area square footage differences, number of garage bays, lot size, basement type, finished square footage, and any other significant and obvious differences between the properties that may be available from the detailed MLS and county tax assessor information. This will include adjustments to final sale price of the comparable sold properties for any seller concessions, which are not public information, and is only available in the local MLS. They will also apply their own personal knowledge of the neighborhood, and their experience in preparing similar evaluations for other homeowners in that neighborhood. The results are generally emailed to the owner, and may also be mailed or personally delivered to the owner, as many email services will block delivery of the market valuation report as spam since it contains real estate information and verbiage.

We will perform this service for any Denver Metro, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, Adams County or Douglas County community, at no charge and with no obligation. Results will be emailed to you.

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