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Why Are Private Pools Rare in Denver Metro Area?

We often get requests from relocating buyers, generally coming from much warmer climates, who think they want or need a private pool on their property. While these may be common and expected amenities in many warmer climates, Denver's cold and sometimes-snowy winters make private back yard pools impractical for most homeowners. Unless they are heated year round, they need to be drained and covered during the winter months, and their circulation pumps purged, so that freezing water and ice from snowfalls cannot cause serious damage. Many Denver metro areas are also prone to what is known as "expansive soils" conditions, which means that concrete pools would be subject to extensive natural ground movements that could also cause serious damage to their rigid structures and plumbing. For these reasons, private back yard pools are very rare, and when they are present, they can be a liability, and not an asset, for home resale purposes. For homeowners who are adamant about having a pool, we suggest that they look for properties with larger lots, and plan on adding a pool later, once they better understand the issues and costs of pool ownership in this area.

Public Pools and Recreation Centers

Most cities and counties in the Denver metro area also have indoor and/or outdoor pools, ice rinks, and other recreational opportunities in public recreation centers. Access to the facilities of the public recreation centers may be free, or at a nominal seasonal or per use charge. Again, classes and team sports and activities may involve a nominal additional charge.

Private Health Clubs and Pools

There are many private health clubs in the metro area that also offer indoor pools, generally dedicated lap pools, for their members. There are also a number of private, for-profit indoor pool facilities that offer per-day access fees, and also offer swimming classes and other activities for a fee.

Homes with Private Pools in all Denver Metro Areas

While home with private pools are generally rare, there are a few to be found. However, our experience with these listings is that many of them are incorrectly indicated by the listing agent as having a private pool, when in fact they do not, and are only located in pool communities. Basically, if you don't see a photo of the pool in the listing details, it probably doesn't actually have one, and the home is just in a pool community.

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