Advanced Home Search Tips

When you register for our Advanced Home Search, you gain access to some of the most advanced home searching capabilities available anywhere! Here are some useful tips to help you take maximum advantage of those capabilities:

  • Each time you come to our web site, remember to log in to the Advanced Home Search using your email address.
  • With the large number of available properties in the greater Denver metro area, it will be important to focus in on the communities that are most convenient and important to you and your work and family situation. If you are not familiar with the Denver metro area, and the large number of smaller cities and residential communities can be very confusing, call or email me any time 9am to to 9pm Mountain time for help.
  • Save your search specifications in your VIP search, so you can re-use them each time you log in later. Your VIP search will run daily, and it will send you emails for any new listings matching its specifications.
  • When you find a home you are very interested in, and might like to see, save that property to your “Favorites”. Then, when you are ready to go out and see the homes, let me know at least one day in advance. I will review your saved properties and make the showing appointments according to your schedule and availability.
  • If you need help with setting up a search, or If you have any other questions about how to use any of the Advanced Home Search features, or about any of the properties you find, call or email me, and I will be glad to help!