Why Real Estate Agents Have Websites

We apologize if the following may seem harsh to some, but it is simply reality.

Despite common public perceptions, a real estate agent or brokerage web site is ever put out there as a public service. We are business people, not public utilities or public servants. That should not come as a surprise. We are also not salaried or hourly employees of a brokerage. We are independent contractors, and don’t get paid just by being licensed and being affiliated with a brokerage. Real estate commissions, generally paid by home sellers, and only upon a successful closing, is the only way we have to support our families and ourselves.

Real estate agents like us, who are truly serious about supporting their own client’s real estate information and home search needs, will have, and must have, a strong web site with every available active listing, an advanced home search capability, and lots of property details. Recognizing and accepting his reality, we have invested many hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars to provide those capabilities for our clients. We also try to educate our own clients that every agent’s web site is out there for two reasons: 1) to generate leads and new business and 2) to support that agent’s own clients. So we tell our our clients to only use our websites for their home searches, and they should never go to any other real estate site. That’s how we stay in business.

REColorado.com, the public web site of our local MLS, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Realtor.com, the public website of the National Association of Realtors, are also not there as a public service. They exist primarily to entice consumers to call the seller’s listing agent, which is absolutely the worst thing a consumer can ever do, because they will sometimes give up their rights to personal representation on that property, and will often disclose confidential information to the listing agent about their financial situation or motivations, which compromises their negotiating position with the sellers.

When over 95% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes these days, cheap and lazy real estate agents who do not have their own websites and who rely on their clients using other websites for their home searches, are not servicing their client’s needs to the best of their abilities. If a real estate agent is not willing or able to invest their own time and money in the internet technologies needed to support their own clients, and are therefore incapable of providing a strong home search website for their client’s use, they shouldn’t even be in the business these days. Unfortunately, those of us who do invest the time and money in our websites to make them useful and user friendly will always be in the position of picking up the slack for those who don’t, and we may never be compensated for it.

If you are truly serious about your home search and real estate needs, and you are NOT working with another Denver area real estate agent or brokerage, and you want to work with an experienced agent who is committed to providing their clients with the most advanced online real estate tools in the market today, then you are invited to register for and try out our Advanced Home Search. If this is not you, then you are welcome to use your own agent’s website, or the basic capabilities of our website, but without the advanced capabilities and extensive property details.